About Us

About Interconnect Malta

Interconnect Malta Ltd (ICM) is a 100% government owned company established on 4th August 2021 and falls under the responsibility of the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise.

The company was originally established as Melita TransGas Co Ltd in 2018.

ICM has been entrusted by the Maltese Government to develop and implement two main infrastructure projects for increasing the island’s electricity interconnectivity and ending Malta’s isolation from the European Gas Network:


Mission Statement

To strengthen Malta’s energy interconnectivity, whilst contributing in the transition to a carbon neutral economy and ensuring a safe and reliable energy supply.

Board Members

Board Of Directors

Ing. Raymond Azzopardi
Ms Yovanca Barbara
Mr Chris Cocker
Mr Raymond Falzon
Ms Jessica Sevasta
Mr Emanuel Vassallo

Board Secretary

Dr Phyllis Aquilina