The project on the second interconnector, also known as IC2, has reached another milestone as the tender for the submarine portion of the second interconnector has been issued by Interconnect Malta (ICM), the entity leading this project. The estimated cost of this tender is around €185 million.  This tender is being co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Funding Programme 2021-2027.

In May, ICM had issued a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for the tender as part of the process to notify the market of the impending tender.

ICM is also in the process of evaluating two tenders forming part of the wider IC2 project. The first tender is for the manufacture and installation of the onshore cables, both in Malta and Italy. The second tender is for the design, supply and installation of Autotransformer and Shunt Reactors that were issued earlier this year. For both tenders, reputable and respectable companies with wide experience in the industry have participated in the open tender procedures.

Earlier this week, Interconnect Malta and Energy Minister Miriam Dalli, met the President of the Sicilian Region, Dr. Renato Schifani, to discuss the development permitting application of IC2. Minister Dalli explained that the second interconnector was now entering another important phase.

“The second Interconnector is not only aimed at providing further security of supply by enhancing the n-1 principle but will also enable the country to improve its renewable energy targets. In fact, with the commissioning of IC2, Malta will be able to add further renewables in its energy mix, both onshore and large scale offshore, as this interconnection will provide a real-time buffer for the intermittency of renewables.” the Minister said.

The second interconnector project will see the laying of a 121-kilometre, high-voltage alternating current electrical cable interconnection, including a 99-kilometre submarine cable, that will transition to land through two Horizontal Direction Drilling procedures.

“The issuing of the tender for the submarine portion is an important milestone for the IC2 project. This follows two other tenders that were issued earlier this year and that attracted important players in the industry. IC2 is a project of national importance that will contribute to the country’s climate objectives.” ICM Divisional Manager Dr. Inġ. Joseph Vassallo said.